Tuesday, September 15, 2009

10,000 Random Fans Can't Be Wrong


According to the little tracking whatzit that I have the monitors the visitors to and from this site, since the metaphorical doors opened at my blog, as of this week, I have had 10,000 unique visitors who have stopped by to read, comment, or just to pass by on their way around the Information Superhighway as they head to Woot or someplace cooler.

This of course leads me to my question: who the heck all visits this website, and why? Yeah, yeah - family, friends, and others who tell me they come to read my ramblings...I got your back. But the rest of you...?

Other than just out of sheer curiosity trying to discern what my "readership" is (I mean - I am not a well-known writer by any stretch of the imagination, and some might argue not a particularly good one, either...), I am understandably interested in knowing who the heck YOU (and yes, I am looking at you, Gentle Reader, right at this very moment) are...and why you're here.

Feel free to leave a comment below, or shoot me off an email at sonnylemmons@yahoo.com if you feel so inclined.

...and you do, of course, realize that my hand is now forced to start publishing the FAQs of this website. The first (which will see publication soon) is FAQ 1: WHY "LOOKING THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD?"


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Carrie said...

I found your blog through my friend, Bethany (Living Laughing Learining Loving) and I pop over sometimes to see her blogroll and who has updated.
That's me.