Friday, February 19, 2010

STAY AT HOME DAD CHRONICLES: What the heck are you FEEDING that kid?

Time for a confession: when I started this whole "stay at home dad" gig, I knew there might be issues or questions I might have that arise. Like, say for example, what the crap do I DO with him all day?

One of the more frustrating (for lack of a better word) situations was that the men I know in my life who ARE fathers all have - you know - 9-5 (or thereabouts) jobs, and I couldn't really call them at work with questions. It's not like I have a plethora of friends of either sex who do this gig, so some of the isolation I felt/feel on a continual basis by living about 19 hours (at a minimum) away from most of my friends and family was exacerbated by not knowing who to ask what about baby-rearin'. And even more enjoyable for me was the fact that there's not really a readily-available source of information on the 'net about BEING a stay-at-home-dad, and all the baggage (again, for me) that comes with it.

Recently, I stepped out of the shell of not knowing who/where/what to ask and inquired of a dear friend of mine who hangs with her kids all day long what she fed her brood when they were all around Kai's age. I asked this, because...well, I cook all Kai's food.

Yes, you read that right: ALL Kai's food.

Between the two of us, Ashley & I have an almost infinite number of allergies. Although thankfully none of them are to food, we decided that the best way we could help to keep Kai on the straight-and-narrow health path was to take control of what the little bugger eats. To that end, once he hit six months of age, we bought a baby food cooker and recipe book, and began the process of weaning him off the Earth's Best jar food we'd bought (which was mostly just fruit, carrots and sweet potatoes), and instead started making him his own food.

I, of course, began to take the need to cook for the critter as a challenge, and I began introducing several new foods/textures/tastes to his diet as his age would allow me to. To this end, I am listing below some (if not most) of the foods we've fed and continue to feed his highness. I ask any of my fellow 'rents who read this that if you have a favored or preferred food by your young-un to shoot me the recipe, book title, or suggestion for what you have found your wee one likes.

And yes; I realize the sheer insanity of cooking all his food. I also understand were going to have the weird kid who doesn't like fast food because we've gone and ruined his palate...

Apples (plain or mixed with cinnamon, pineapple, cherries or blueberries)
Mangos (hey - it's south Florida. We have 'em year-round)
Prunes (only when necessary and a haz-mat team is on standby)

Sweet potatoes (plain or mixed with cinnamon)
Carrots (plain or mixed with ginger)
Green beans (mixed with mint)
Peas and carrots
Mixed vegetable medley: corn, peas, green beans, carrots
Potato and butternut squash stew
Succotash (which he adores)
Root vegetable medley: sweet potatoes, parsnips, carrots, rosemary
Dal (yes, we feed our kid Indian food - and he loves the stuff)

Curry (again - he loves the stuff)
Grilled chicken mixed with orange peppers and mushrooms



Emily T. Thomas said...

I think you left out the part about how I really knew exactly what the first 2 ate which included actually fruits and veggies at one point and how now the last 2 are in the pantry scrounging for Wheat Thins for breakfast.

yep, i'm the expert. all inquiries welcome.


Linzyann said...

YAY!!! We feed our youngin' Indian food too! Get him started early! Has Kai progressed to finger foods? It's been such a short time and already I'm forgetting what Liam ate when he was 10-11 months old, but I will think and post some things as I remember.

Unknown said...

Hey, after thinking about it - what do you and Ashley eat? I think starting around 11 months Liam was beginning to eat small bits of our meals (mashed or chopped and less spiced if necessary). That makes meal times much easier!

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