Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Thanks, Brad. Brad whose last name I don't know.

Weird the way your life goes sometimes, ain't it?

Yesterday, I was thinking about something Ashley said to me. We've both started looking for jobs/careers outside of our current field or area of expertise because we both believe (a) we should be passionate about and not just competent in the job we have, and (b) we both feel drawn to serve something bigger than ourselves. I mean, as much as we both love working in Res Life (oh, stop your snickering) we both feel like this season is coming to a close. That there is more out there than just what we've known.

Because of this, the majority of the jobs we've applied for look like they're taking a sharp left turn away from what our respective resumes show we have direct experience in.

This has, in turn, led both of us to have a wee bit of anxiety about if people might take us seriously as applicants for these jobs. That there probably are individuals more qualified (on paper) with more direct experience than we possess - but we're taking that chance. Stepping out in faith, as it is, to see what happens.

Me? I was contemplating the possibility of working full-time in campus ministry, and began to think: "Am I truly ready for this? Do I have what it takes (curse you, Lost)? Can I do this, or would people just look at me like an idiot?"

And as I was thinking this, I was in line at the coffee shop across the street.

And as I was thinking this, a guy named Brad stood in line behind me, talking to Kai, who was trying his best to chew on a bag of coffee beans.

And as I was thinking this, Brad asked me Kai's name. And then Brad told me one of his favorite verses in the Bible was found in the book of Malachi. And then Brad told me he is a PhD candidate at UM in English. And then Brad and I spoke about Kai's name, the meaning behind it, and the significance in why Ash and I chose it. And then Brad and I struck up a brief conversation about spiritual matters.

And as I was thinking about and debating my self-imposed "legitimacy" in ministry, Brad asked me if I was in seminary or a pastor.

And as Kai and I walked out of the coffee shop, I looked off in the sky and told God to quit smirking, and thanks for the moment of clarity.

And so, I offer thanks to you as well, Unknown Brad. For allowing yourself, whether you knew it or not, to be used.