Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TEASER TRAILER: Real men of Jesus

(This one is dedicated to my friend and pastor Bryan at Sweaty Church - and yes: there will be more to come on this topic, both in parody and sincerity...)

The Windshield presents: real men of Jesus.
(Real men of Jesus!)

Today we salute you, Mr. Relevant Rock Star Pastor Dude.
(Mr. Relevant Rock Star Pastor Dude!)

Any old reverend can pull in a packed church week in and out, but it takes real talent to try and make all those dated references seem fresh and hip.
(Too legit to quit! You’re off the chain!)

Perched on the stage in your stonewashed jeans and cool headset microphone, your multimedia slides and “Three Major Points” stolen from some other church’s website come across as your own oh-so-easily.
(Seeker friendly!)

Multi-site means multi-right.
(Cue the video!)

And even though with your bleached hair and fauxhawk, you look like the creepy old guy shopping at Abercrombie, you love Jesus, so it’s all good.
(Not registered on an offender watch site! Jesus loves you!)

So order an overpriced craft beer or specialty coffee that you don’t understand anyway, pastor dude, because every action you take in the light just to make you look good and plugged in to today’s culture just casts more shadows across your soul.
(Mr. Relevant Rock Star Pastor Dude!)

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Nate Johnson said...

Looking forward to it brotha.