Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Cata-list

BECAUSE NO ONE DEMANDED IT...the Top Ten items that made Catalyst 2010 so incredibly cool. Here they are, in no particular order:

  • Having Scott Williams take my photo because he thought I looked like someone he worked with. It was my first paparazzi moment.
  • All the free swag: books, CDs, DVDs, downloadable content...
  • Being mistaken for Damon Lindeloff (and my friends who KNOW me understand that this just totally made me float on air)
  • The Bloggers Meetup, where I was able to make connections and new friends.
  • Driving back and forth from Athens' doorstep to the convention center every day, proving that even at my "old age"...yep. I still got it. Sleep be hanged. 
  • Meeting people in real life whose work I have read online and have come to be inspired by. People like Alece, whose life and words challenge and move me to not only be a better writer, but a better person. 
  • Discovering Project 7 coffee. Go. Buy. Some. Today.
  • Seeing friends who I have not seen in years. Twice I came close to tears because of who I was hugging. It's been way, way, way too long since some of these people and I shared the same space. And I promise that three more years will not pass before we see each other again.
  • Finding myself. 'Natch. 
  • Coming home to my wife and kid. As great as it was to get away and get refreshed, there's just something about coming home to the ones who love you.


Anonymous said...

Love the new site...and have always loved the writer.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sonny, Catalyst was pretty freakin cool. Thanks for commenting on my blog today. Keep up the good work on the blogging! I'll be seeing you around.