Monday, December 27, 2010

A Non-Blog Blog Post

My Stocking Got a Socking

Hoo, boy…I think I may be one of the few people who makes it out of this holiday season having LOST weight. But before you get jealous, just read on to find out why…

CHRISTMAS EVE: I’m up till 11:30 or so, putting together a train, laying down tracks, and constructing a table the train tracks go on. While I’m certain that the mere existence of the instructions for this monstrosity are somehow a violation of the Geneva Convention, I was determined to not let this thing get the best of me. So, having conquered this beast, I went to bed, satisfied in my manly ability to wield a screwdriver.

CHRISTMAS MORNING: I woke up with what felt like a massive headache developing. I figured it was from not drinking enough water the day before, staying up late, not having had enough coffee, or a combination of all. By 11:30, the headache threatened to sideline me for the day, so I told Ashley I was going to go lay down for a while.

Two hours later, I awoke. With a fever. Of 100.1.

Yeah. That's not a fever. That's a radio frequency.

My fever continued off-and-on to rise and fall throughout the next two days, managing to crest at 101 last night, before it finally broke. And it broke hard: I was sweating so badly around 2:30 this morning that I almost went outside in the below-freezing temperatures just to cool off. 

Thankfully, today – aside from some minor biological aftershocks – I’m doing much, much better.

But, it meant that my prime writing period to post a blog entry today was somewhat take up by my sleeping off a massive fever. So, expect something deep and insightful next week, kids.

Not a Fever Dream

So, back this fall, when I attended the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, I managed to meet a lot of rather cool people. (Check out the links at the side for some of the sites of these individuals.) One of them, Scott Williams, runs a site called Big Is The New Small (conveniently hyperlinked here for you). I first got “introduced” to Scott via Twitter, and at Catalyst, I managed to meet him in person and snag one of the his “Church Diversity” T-shirts – a shirt which has become a staple in my wardrobe. Anyway, aside from being one of the most down-to-earth and REAL people you can meet – both on-line and in person – Scott’s a talented writer (how he can say so much in so few characters makes me kinda jealous) who loves to pay forward with kindness, be it tickets to conferences, shirts, books, or other fun gadgets.

Basically, he’s cool. If you have a Twitter account, follow him. If you have a computer connected to the Internet (which, if you’re reading this…chances are ya do) go to his site.

Anyway, for one of his promotions, he was giving away a copy of a book a friend of his wrote. Five lucky winners would get the book, and one extra lucky person would get…something else. The winners were going to be announced Christmas Eve, but since my Christmas Eve was taken up with reading Sanskrit construction instructions, I totally missed the announcement.

The next day, before I drifted off to sleep, I got a message from Scott, telling me to check his website for the winners. I figured this was some kind of generic email sent to everyone, but I thought what the hey – let me see who I need to congratulate. 

And then I discovered something.

I was one of the lucky winners.

The extra lucky winner, in fact.

The extra lucky winner who won an iPad.

An. iPad.

I emailed Scott, telling him that I was only functioning on one cup of coffee thus far, and that I wasn’t really cognizant enough to know for sure if I was reading this correctly or not. If I was, well HEY NOW! If not, man – what a way to pull someone’s leg on Christmas.

So, in a few short days, I will be receiving my free iPad from

Almost made the fever and nausea of the past two days worth it.

Almost. But not quite.

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