Monday, January 03, 2011

One Word 2011

My friend Alece is one of the strongest people you will ever meet. Emotionally and spiritually, she holds her own with anyone you could possibly imagine. Her site, Grit and Glory, contains the full story of her story – and I would not sully or cheapen her journey by using my own inadequate words to describe it. Go forth and read. You will be amazed, impressed, and probably a little teary-eyed before it’s all said and done.

One of the challenges she issued forth was to find (or rather, to be guided to find) One Word to describe how and what would challenge and focus me for this upcoming year.

My word?


The word itself has a number of meanings in Hebrew; among them:

to be in a covenant of peace;
to be at peace;
to be complete;
to be sound;
to make whole or good, restore, to make compensation

Which, to be candid, for me – this is something I need. Just like a good SAT answer, I need all of the above. Continually.

Plus, I figure if I choose a word in Hebrew, it won’t get lost in the day-to-day white noise of my life which is spent speaking English. Also, it’ll be easier to hear and focus on God if He’s speaking a language different from what everyone else around me is…

I plan on writing a LOT more about this, but for now…



Mary Jo said...

Yay! I love that word! Every time I stop by someone's ONE WORD post, I think "Man, I wish I had picked that word instead" because they all seem to fit . . .

Praying for God's peace for you this year . . . and all that entails!

Happy New Year!

Mary Jo said...

Just read your "about me" - I live in Summerville, SC!!

Kenny Silva said...

That's awesome, Sonny. Even if you did cheat a little bit using a Hebrew word...

Emily T. Thomas said...

I LOVE the foreign word idea for the "project"

Off the top of my head mine one word is: MOGLICHKEIT.

German, means Possibility.

There are so many different things on my radar that I feel drawn to this year (taking baintrain to disney, going to Rwanda to teach orphans, growing a sustainable garden, losing some weight)...abd I know there are lots I've haven't thought of are all POSSIBILITIES.



Anonymous said...

is "shalam" the same as what we always say as "shalom"? that's what i have inked on my wrist. i heard that the literal direct translation is "nothing missing, nothing broken" -- i wanted a constant reminder of that picture of wholeness and completeness... so bam! there it is on my wrist. forever.

all that to say -- i LOVE your word. it resonates deeply with me and holds so much significance for me. i can't wait to see God work His shalam/shalom in your life this year, sonny.

and wow... thank you for your heart-strengthening words about me. brings me to tears...

Anonymous said...

"To be sound." that one struck me for some reason. I like it. gonna need to marinate on that thought more, but i love your word. Peace is so amazing and not tapped into enough.

LOVE your header!

Anonymous said...

spiffy word.