Sunday, January 09, 2011

To my readers: thank you.

Sometimes, I forget.

I use this blog as a form or type of therapy. I need to document where I've been so that I can better start to discern where I might be headed next. 

I use this blog as a historical marker. I can read back through some of my older entries and laugh as I remember the drive to Miami for the first time, the tears shed at the losses I have sustained, and the joy hidden between some of the characters of these words as I remember the in-jokes, the late-night texts, and the people behind the stories.

I use this blog for me. I write because I have to. I tell these stories because I can do no less than to make sure that they are told.

But sometimes I forget: these stories, this life journey, isn't told and recorded for my benefit alone.

You. Those of you who read. Those of you who I may never meet this side of paradise. Those of you who are friends. Those of you who write me. Those of you who get something out of what I put down. Those of you who - somehow, through this tiny, inconsequential corner of the Internet - find comfort in knowing that you're not alone, that this struggle isn't something only you experience, and that there is, in fact, someone who thinks as you do...

I do this for us. 

But sometimes, I forget about you.

So I wanted to say thank you. For reading. For caring enough to read. For caring enough to write. 

For reminding me that this isn't just about me.

And to Amber, whomever you are, wherever you are...your words were just what I needed to read, when I needed to read them.

Here's to the continuing journey.

With many, many looks through that yet windshield to come.

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Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Sonny, thank you for writing a thoughtful blog! I hope the new year is full of new blessings for you.