Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Confession: I Suck at Being a Christian

I suck at consistently reading the Bible.

I suck at attending church on a regular basis.

I suck at having Scripture memorized.

I suck at verbally sharing my testimony.

I suck at not letting unwholesome talk or words come out of my mouth.

I suck at not being led into temptation, time and again.

I suck at sometimes denying myself.

I suck at having a consistent devotional, prayer, or "quiet" time every day.

I suck at being able to expound on theology.
I suck at every way I can think of that I have been told how a Christian should be.


I don’t suck at trying to live a life of intentional community.

I don’t suck at being able to talk about Scripture and how it guides and grounds my life.

I don’t suck at talking about deep life issues.

I don’t suck at asking for forgiveness in my faults and weaknesses.

I don’t suck at being thankful for the mercy shown to me.

I don’t suck at showing mercy.

I don’t suck at seeing the presence of God in my life.

I don’t suck at showing the presence of Christ in my motivation for why I care about justice, equity, and compassion for others.

I don’t suck at caring.

I don’t suck at acting out of love.

I might suck at being a Christian...

...but I don’t think I suck at being redeemed.


A Fathful Realist said...

Well Said my Friend

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