Saturday, August 06, 2011

How, exactly, is it already August...?

I will openly admit it: July got away from me.

Between visits from friends and family to travelling TO go visit friends and family...from helping multiple people move in weather and temperatures better suited for staying writing has taken a nosedive.  Some might say that this is not all that bad, as it gives me a chance to just let my brain go into neutral and coast, while others might argue that my brain already does enough coasting on its own.

Regardless, I've been a slacker blogger.

What it has allowed me to do is go back and re-read some of my older journals (you know - back in the days when we used things called "paper" and "pens?") to try and find some quality (subjective term) writings I did that I can either expand upon or just pull from verbatim and post on here. And I'll admit: some of the stuff I found was good, some of it moderately less than, and some of it best suited for being burned.  

But to see and chart the areas I've grown in? To see and chart the areas I've struggled through (and continue to struggle in)? To read entries from the formative days of the 706 (now celebrating seven years of youth ministry) re-read old sermon notes of mine (why did you people never tell me how long-winded I was?) find little quick sentences or thoughts I jotted down which still mean as much to me today?

That's been great.

So - in addition to posting old thoughts, and adding new ones, I wanted to kind of open this up and let it be a little interactive (and then get depressed over how no one writes me): what are YOU thinking about? What are YOU writing about? Or heck - toss out a subject to me to ask me my thoughts/opinions on it & see if I can actually write an under-500-word response to it.

I also plan on starting a section called THE BEST OF THE REJECTS. Yep. Writings I have submitted that - much like the cast members of SNL - aren't ready for prime-time publishing.

So - the lines are open, and we're waiting on your calls.


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