Monday, October 10, 2011

The Cata-List - 2011 Edition

When I wrote this post about last year's adventures at Catalyst, and how I felt attending it, I never knew that history was going to repeat itself. Strongly.

This year was about fellowship. Not leadership. 

I think there may have been some people who stood on a stage somewhere and spoke about something, and maybe there was a gymnast at one point. But in all honesty, I didn't take as many notes as I usually do. I didn't pay as close attention as I usually do. I didn't try to find myself I the words spoken by the presenters.

I found myself in the throngs of the people I saw, hugged, and shared this journey with.

Matt Appling. (Whom I still owe a Skype date with...again...)
Joshua Freshour. (My unintentional Catalyst shadow.)
Ashley Linne. (Best. Editor. Ever.)
Angus Nelson. (My twin. Sort of.)
Nicole Unice. (Whom I really wish I could have spoken more to - she's awesome.)
Dustin Valencia. (I'm not sure that it's legal for him to be as tall as he is...)
Darrell Vesterfelt. (If you ever need a place to crash in SC...)

Now go enrich yourself. Read their blogs. Follow them on Twitter. Stalk them in the grocery store. 

Each and every one of these people made the conference come to life for me. 

I owe all of you coffee. 

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