Saturday, January 21, 2012

Now These Three Remain...

This was originally published at Provoketive Magazine's website as part of the January "Synchroblog" on the subject of "Hope."

Oh, January. The turning of a page, the start of a chapter, and the beginning of a journey into undiscovered country. A time of pledging to not repeat the same mistakes or failings that the preceding twelve months brought time and again. Looking at the world with fresh, clear eyes and the chance for a new start. A hope in the unseen.

The irony that “hope” is a four-letter word is not lost on me. And like other four-letter words, this one can cut with its sharpness.

For such a simple word, “hope” carries a world of power behind it. It instills something inside of us. We can use it to project a sensation into others. As a verb, it is full of action, but never unfocused intensity. “Hope” always directly correlates to someone or something. Is it any surprise that “Hope” is a relatively popular name to give baby girls? Like the individual who would bear the name, “hope” implies strength, inspiration, and a sense of wonder.

Perhaps the passage we are most familiar with in the Bible where “hope” occurs is found in the oft-quoted verse “Now these three remain: faith, hope, and love” (I Corinthians 13:13, NIV). It’s interesting that “hope” falls between “faith” and “love,” because there is something to be said about how important “hope” can and should be when linking these three idea together. …and yes: I know that “the greatest of these [three] is love,” but hope is the bridge we must cross in order to transition between the three.

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