Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Story Bucket List (now with added geekdom!)

On September 19, I will be traveling to Chicago for a few days. No, not because I am craving the best pizza in the known world (...although...). I'm going to the Story Conference. This will be my second such conference this year with the word "Story" in the title, although this is going to be a tad different from Donald Miller's Storyline Conference. This - Story - is for creatives. By creatives. Writers. Bloggers. Artists. And unlike when I went to Nashville, this time out - I have a bucket list. A bucket list of people I want to meet and activities I want to undertake.

I want to NOT turn into a completely gushing fanboy in front of Rachel Held Evans.

I want to NOT sound like a complete blithering idiot in front of Ed Cyzewski.

I want to find Matthew Paul Turner, if for no other reason than to see if for once, he and I can occupy the same space at the same point in time. Otherwise, we will have no choice but to determine that we are the exact same white guy with a shaved head and facial hair, simply from two divergent timelines. At least, that's my theory.

I want to see who "gets" the DOCTOR WHO tshirt I will wear one day during the conference, and then declare them my brother or sister in geekdom. (First official geekdom family member claimed: Tammy Perlmutter. Woot!)

I want to cultivate a minimum of three (3) potentially borderline inappropriate in-jokes with Alise Wright.

I want to come up with a totally non-sequitur question to ask Tracee Persiko during her Q&A session. 

I want to yell something out loud to Darrell Vesterfelt to see if I can embarrass him. Out of love and friendship, you understand.

I want to play "Tag" with Bob Goff (and if he reads this, odds are, he probably will play with me).

I want to get KT to explain "Bibles and Beer" to me. Over beers. Plural.

I want to convince Ryan Haack that he and I should dress up like "Jay and Silent Bob" at some point. Or to be more accurate, "Silent Bob and Silent Bob."

I want to buy Katie Axelson coffee. Actually, I think I owe her some coffee.

I want to take a photo of Alece Ronzino. A photo of her smirking. Because those are so amazingly hard to come by. (Just joking, friend...)

I have a list of about two dozen people I want to hug. Every person (except maybe Darrell) listed above is on that list.

I want to be challenged.

I want to be humbled.

I want to be given focus and clarity.

I want to love - and will love - the fact that a number of people will have no clue who I am, and I can make new friends.

I want to be able to accept any words of praise that come my way. I want to accept them as the blessing they are, and not internally swat them down thinking I'm not worthy for someone whom I may look up to and admire to tell me "Hey, I like your stuff."

I want to not be scared to introduce myself as a writer.

I want to come back with a few dreams and ideas for the near future.

And as long as I'm dreaming, I'd like to come back with a few leads, critiques, and hopes...and somehow wind up about 25 pounds lighter, and have hair.


Tammy Perlmutter said...

Sonny, I will be at Story. I will be the one who compliments you on your Doctor Who themed shirt and will proudly become your sister in geekdom. Although I will not share a Chicago pizza with with you, since I am from the East Coast and consider it a travesty, I will share any other number of things with you. It's going to be FRAKKING AWESOME!

Sonny Lemmons said...

(Makes note to add one more person to the "hug" list.)

All i have to do now is figure out WHICH Doctor Who shirt to wear. I mean, it's not like I have about half a dozen to choose from...

And hey, I'm from Mississippi. A Chicago-style pizza is kinda quirky and interesting. Call me nuts. :)

Alise Wright said...

I expect you'll be able to knock out my point before we even leave the airport. And since I'm Huggy McHuggerson, an embrace is a guarantee.

Can't wait to meet you in person, friend. Can. Not. Wait.

Katie Axelson said...

Oooh! I want to play tag with Bob Goff too!
And I'm pretty sure you don't OWE me coffee but I'll gladly accept some :)

Ed_Cyzewski said...

I love every part of this post except for the part about chicago pizza. It may be the best lasagna in the world, but the best pizza in the world is in new haven, CT. And what happened to the secret handshake? ha! Looking forward to hanging out.

And by the way, I'm an introvert, so I'm always awkward at these things. I'll have to tell you about the time I met Scot McKnight sometime...

Sonny Lemmons said...

(stares at calendar) Genuinely counting the days, friend.

And I imagine that you're right: before the conference even starts, we're going to be snickering at something.

Sonny Lemmons said...

TAG! You're it!

And hey - I welcome the chance to share coffee. I'm a java fiend that way.

Alece Ronzino said...

I don't know, Ed. You're gonna have a hard time convincing this New Yorker that the best pizza in the world is in Connecticut.

Sonny Lemmons said...

Oh, we're going to have a secret handshake alright. I imagine it to be something between what two people with PTSD (PTSAHD maybe?) might have, with a sprinkling of "I miss my kid" thrown in for good measure. ;)

Alece Ronzino said...

Me? Smirk? Never.

Sonny Lemmons said...

I gotta stand with Alece on that point - that's like saying the best seafood in the world is in, say, Idaho or something.

Sonny Lemmons said...

I stand corrected. I must have been trying to be sarcastic or witty when I wrote that, which clearly I never am.*

* = just don't ask Ashley about that. She'll probably agree I'm not that witty and confirm I think I'm funnier than most do.

Ed_Cyzewski said...

Hey, there's a family resemblance to NYC and New Haven pizza for sure. I'll just say that Pepe's in New Haven has received some pretty insane reviews. I'm not as familiar with NYC pizza, but I hear they're pretty similar. Sonny's comment below may prompt me to stick a "kick me" sign on his back when he comes in for that hug! :)

I submit my evidence:

Darrell Vesterfelt said...

Whoa -- how come I don't get a hug??

Sonny Lemmons said...

We'll always have Nashville, Darrell. Always. :)