Friday, October 05, 2012

Oh, You Know. Nothing Big. Just Publishing News. Again.

This will be brief since - well, the words speak for themselves. No need for me to wax on about it.

You may have noticed a new icon on the sidebar to the right over there. Go on. Look at it. The one that says "I Am A Prodigal." This isn't so much a confession as it is a proclamation: I am now going to be a Featured Writer for under their "Relationships" section. ...yes, yes. Get your snickers out. Odds are I may contribute something else time or again to the site, but this is where you can go to get a regular fix of my words. Well, there and HERE, of course.

Honestly though - this is a HUGE blessing, although part of me expects Ashton Kucher to step out of the back room and just yell "PUNKED!" at any moment. I need to just shut up and God take me where I'm supposed to go without thinking I am deserving of it.

The second big announcement comes a little after the fact, but it's so big that I am still going to float for months to come because of it. 

When I attended the Story Conference in Chicago two weeks ago, I met Rachel Held Evans. Although I had "met" her online before, this was my chance to play it cool and speak to her in person. Anyway, for reasons that extend beyond my comprehension, she asked me to take part in her "Ask A..." series, writing about being a stay at home dad.

To say the support has been positive is an understatement. To say the stats on visits to my blog have gone nuts is an understatement. 

To say I have been honored by Rachel is a GROSS understatement. And not only have I been blessed by getting to know her, but it's been encouraging to this writer(ish) person to be able to take his passion and run with it. And maybe someday soon I can stop tearing up as I think about it. 

I do plan on answering here a couple of the questions people asked me at her site that time and space did not allow me to address, so be on the lookout for those.

More news to come...


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