Thursday, January 03, 2013

One Word 2013: NOW

"In a minute, buddy..."

"Can we do that later?"


I've noticed as of late that for whatever reason, I like to delay things. Put them off. To be fair, I've probably done this for a lot longer than I'm aware of. It's only been recently that I've become acutely aware of the frequency with which it happens.

Comparatively simple things like going to the dentist, getting a babysitter for a few hours so Ashley so we can go eat dinner together, or asking Kai to wait for me to play with him while I fold laundry often get put to the side because they're something that butts into what I'm doing at the time. Or they seem like a bit of a hassle. Or they're something that can clearly be taken care of later. They're easy to delay.

I am an advocate of taking "me time" every so often, but putting things off until tomorrow or later on a regular basis can easily translate to putting them off...period.

That's why for what has become obvious to me, my word/motto/theme for this year? 


That phone call (not text, mind you) to that friend I've been meaning to make?

That book proposal that's been sitting dormant for so long?

That wellness visit to the doctor that needs to happen?

That whole needing to pray thing?

That kid who's going to be too old to want to play with me far sooner than I want him to be?

I need to start engaging with these things. Now.

Please note that this is a word of action for me, and not what I would ask of God. I'm the one who needs to be stirred out of some kind of stupor. I can (and have) prayed for something to happen "Now, please," yet somehow He knows the perfect time. And more often than not, it tends to be in a completely different time zone of my life than what I would like.

...which is something I need to be okay with. He's asking me to do something now, not vice-versa.

And there is a world of difference between rushing in where angels fear to tread and simply doing something. Wisdom and discernment need to rule in taking care of something care of now. For example, I can choose to not spend time getting dinner easy one night so that Kai and I can have more time together. If that means Ashley and I have to order pizza, so be it. Playing with him now and cooking chicken later doesn't necessarily mean that a Butterfly Effect of chaos will enter our lives.


Now I'm going to go get some coffee and then play Candy Land with my kid.

What is your One Word for this new year? Check out this link for what others have chosen.


Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Love it! How much "now" do we waste by waiting for later?
My word is "create." You and I are part of a very exclusive club, Sonny. There's like six of us guys on the list. :)

Sonny Lemmons said...

One word, one Y chromosome. We're cool like that. :)

And I like how yours is somewhat fitting to you and your gonna-be-awesome book that will be rocking the publishing world soon.

Katie Axelson said...

Great resolution! Now, when are you coming to visit me? ;)

Tammy Perlmutter said...

Good one, Sonny. I am so guilty of this too. I get in my zone and don't want to be pulled out for any reason. I also have a hard time being present in the moment, so "now" is an odd concept to me.

Renee Johnson Fisher said...

NOW is one of my all time favorite words. Love it!