About Me/Contact Information

NAME: Sonny Lemmons (yes, that is my real name. Stop snickering.)

WHERE AM I: currently, I live in Columbia, South Carolina. I've also lived in Tupelo, MS; Booneville, MS; Columbus, MS; Jackson, MS; Athens, GA; and Coral Gables, FL (in that order). 

WHAT DO I DO: Husband. Stay at home dad. Imperfect follower of a perfect God. 

n what I laughably call my "spare time," I write: I have worked for both Thomas-Nelson and LifeWay Publishing, I have been a contributing author to the anthology series The Myth of Mr. Mom (Portmanteau Press, 2011), Not Afraid: Stories of Finding Significance (Civitas Press, forthcoming) and Finding Church (Civitas Press, forthcoming), and I have also written for Provoketive.com, ProdigalMagazine.com, and ChurchLeaders.com.

I worked in Student Affairs (mainly Residence Life/Housing) from 1994-2009 before I chunked it to be a stay at home parent.

I have also served as Associate Youth/College Pastor at Compass Community Church in Athens, GA and as a Teaching Pastor at Mosaic Church in Miami, FL and at New Hope Fellowship Church in Columbia, SC, and as Interim Student Minister at St. Andrews Baptist Church in Columbia, SC.

...and I'm probably drinking coffee while you read this.

WHAT IS THIS BLOG ABOUT, ANYWAY: Discussing what sparks my thoughts about the relentless pursuit of living the life of faith and purpose I am called to by examining the journey of my life.

WHEN DO YOU POST: Updated weekly - if not moreso.

HOW CAN I REACH YOU: feel free to shoot me an email at sonnylemmons@yahoo.com at any time.